Technology trends of 2014

We have entered into an era were technology is taken over our day-to-day lives! Gone are the days when we wished that things were more automated, technology and knowledge was more readily available and people were more internet savvy. As consumers and human beings we are now in a stage where technology has become an integral part of our LIFE. The year 2014 brings with it new trends and new ideas that will pave the path of a future where technology and the internet would be the two most important elements for survival.

Here are the top 5 technology trends of 2014:

Internet for all things: There was a time when we saw our computers, tabs and mobiles seamlessly connected through the internet, but now the future holds greater possibilities – Tvs, cars, glasses, fridges, our keys, the electric meter etc., gradually everything is now been connected through the internet. With the coming of the wi-fi technology, internet is now become more of a necessity, rather than a luxury. All and everything is going to be connect by the internet! These devices will not only be connected, but will also offer high-end contextual relevance and a user-friendly experience, thereby offering more adoption rate.

Augmented reality: Or to put it more simply, connecting the physical world with the virtual world. This is not a futuristic phenomena, but something that is currently taking shape in our day-to-day lives. With the advent of Augmented Reality, we will basically be able to turn the whole world into a digital space where we can use the power of technologies to discover new digital horizons. According to a recent research done by Juniper Research, the market for augmented reality mobile apps is predicted to grow rapidly this year and revenues will reach $5.2 billion by 2017.

3D printing: There was a time when 3D printing was considered an expensive proposition, but with the decline of the cost of 3D printing in the last couple of years, is has now become easy not only for companies but also for private users to take advantage of this new technology. The creative possibilities of this technology has huge potential and possibilities, ranging from architecture to interior design to education and art. 3D printing also holds a great future in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. Any product that can be seen in the form of a 3D simulation, even before its been designed will help in saving huge costs or research and development.

Wearable devices: The year 2014 would see the coming of wearable technology driven devices. Things like activity bands, smart helmets and the famous Google glass will become a part of our daily lives. There will be a time when our complete body will be interconnected with devices powered by the internet. We have already seen smart wearable watches launched by some of the big mobile giants such as Sumsung. We will also be seeing the Google glasses become more affordable and adaptable by average day-to-day consumer. Technology will also merge with clothing, such as the smart shoes from Adidas – it will have an integrated accelerometer, a gyroscope and Bluetooth, with the aim of motivating the user to exercise.

Electric Cars: This year we will see many national and international car manufacturers, launching full electric car models. Unlike older vehicles, the electric cars of the future will be fully equipped with computers, sensors and wireless connections, allowing cars to know more about the driver – information that could be very useful for car manufacturers. Something that would look similar to the high-tech cars from the Hollywood movie – Total Recall.

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