Exercise your way to success

Do you come across days when you feel the need for extra energy, not just to face business challenges, but to just keep physically moving to get things done?

Have you ever got to a point where you feel completely stressed out and can feel your heart beating as a ticking time bomb?

Do you get the feeling that the long hours of work that you have been doing is not getting you the desired results and your approach lacks the positive attitude and the motivation?

Coffee, late nights, sleep deficiency, prolonged sitting, constant planning and often times unhealthy food. Does that sound like you?

Well, if the answers to the questions are a “YES”, then you are soon heading for a complete breakdown.

We all know of the superficial benefits of regular exercise and recent research has proved that how exercise has positive effects on the brain. In fact, in a NASA study, compared to people who exercised regularly, people who didn’t exercise experienced a 50% drop in productivity after 7 hours of work. For an entrepreneur who puts in 12+ hours a day, this means that allocating 30-60 minutes a day to exercise could reap overwhelming benefits in the long run.

Exercise is believed to be important for entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. First, various research supports the explanation that fitness promotes performance. In addition, a variety of studies also show the relationship between fitness and mental performance, especially for older individuals, who are the age of many successful entrepreneurs.

So, if you decide to take out time for fitness in your daily life as an entrepreneur, always keep the following in mind:

Treat your fitness routine as a PROJECT and measure your results – timelines and targets can be useful also outside the board room!

Give it the utmost priority – exercise first thing in the morning or first thing when you get home from work.

Relax and Recover – you don’t have to work out every day. Over-training or exercise may results in physical fatigue and injury. At least 7-8 hours or proper sleep is also necessary.

Get social and get fit – joining a social fitness group or a gym will help build, enjoy and solidify your new fitness habits.

A regular exercise program has a several significant positive effects, all of which are important to keep you motivated and active as you make decisions throughout the day.

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