A wiki is web software that allows you and others to create and edit interlinked web pages. This means that you can very quickly create a page (let’s say “New Ideas”) and then add information. The key is that anyone can edit the page (or in our case, add and comment on new ideas), which makes it a very powerful collaboration tool.

What Are the Benefits to Small Businesses?

1. Sharing information: Anyone can edit a wiki, thus one person can add an idea while others refine it and add their expertise. The result ends up being one cohesive idea by the group rather than a series of scattered thoughts.

2. Tracking revision: You’ll always be able to see the history of any idea or page.

3. Archiving Information: You find that, as you build up a wiki, you are creating a repository of information. This means you can add legal documents, old memos, and anything else that might be useful to your team in the future.

4. Easy to use: Once you understand the syntax, it’s much easier to create a new wiki page than a new web page or blog post.

Some recommended small business wikis include:

MediaWiki: the software that runs Wikipedia

PbWorks: a full collaboration and wiki site

Twiki: has been used by major companies including Yahoo

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