Resolution 2015: Try to be more LIKEABLE

It is not about the looks but the attitude you carry that makes you likable. Such people are more likely to become leaders, make more money, get better opportunities, and attract other positive people as mates. Look around, and you will find that the most likable people make it their business to stay attractive regardless of how life shines upon them. Here are the top … Continue reading Resolution 2015: Try to be more LIKEABLE

How to be a good BOSS

There is a difference between being a good manager and being a good boss, not to mention they both need strong leadership qualities. According to a recent research, 86 percent of employees believe that if they get along well with their boss they are more productive. Pressure and deadlines don’t always work towards bringing out productivity; it’s more about how a boss manages and spearheads … Continue reading How to be a good BOSS