Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule in the Year 2019

2018 is almost over and everyone is preparing themselves to embrace the New Year with open arms and high expectations. With the dynamics of marketing completely transforming, many digital marketers are excitedly waiting for the opportunities and trends that 2019 will unravel. In today’s tech-driven world it comes as no surprise that technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. From mobile phones, … Continue reading Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule in the Year 2019

Top 5 books to read this holiday season

The end of the year holiday season is considered the best time for businesses to shut shops and re-look at their objectives for the coming year. The holiday season acts as a boon for many entrepreneurs, as business is a slow and this is the time when you can focus on redefining or re-engineering your business for the coming year. The time is best to … Continue reading Top 5 books to read this holiday season

BRIC – The Big Four

BRIC – alternatively known as the “big four” is an acronym that refers to the newly advanced countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Goldman Sachs was the first to introduce this acronym in one of their reports in 2003, stating that by the year 2050 these four economies would be wealthier than most of the current major global economic powers. Some sources have also … Continue reading BRIC – The Big Four

How important is “age” in Entrepreneurship?

Often the image of a modern day entrepreneur is someone who is a college dropout with a high inclination towards technology, social media and smartphones – typically a male in his 20s! However, recent study shows that over half of the upcoming entrepreneurs from last year were all 40 and older. According to the study conducted by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit, entrepreneurs who … Continue reading How important is “age” in Entrepreneurship?

Are you Digitally Transformed?

We have reached a stage where digital technologies have become a part of our day-to-day life. Over 2 billion people are connected digitally through the internet and almost 2/3 of businesses around the world have a web/digital presence. The internet is the biggest contributor toward the digital age and has become a bridge, making the world look flat. It has offered a platform for companies, … Continue reading Are you Digitally Transformed?

Top 5 online business directories of Canada

A professional online presence has become the most important elements of any business. Smart devices and location-based applications have brought customers closer to their local businesses. Over 15 million Canadians use their smart device to access information on local businesses every day. So it is crucial that local businesses take advantage of this opportunity of instant and effective online visibility via local search engines and … Continue reading Top 5 online business directories of Canada

The Power of Animation

Businesses are changing and so are marketing methods. The science of digital marketing has brought different challenges and opportunities. Animation as a marketing tool is emerging as the most cost effective and favorable tool that can help any business market a message, a brand or an objective. The power of animation is increasing and it’s highly recommended that all business owners take notice of this innovative and … Continue reading The Power of Animation

Social engineering is the art of psychological manipulation

Social engineering in its most basic form is described as the art of psychological manipulation. It is generally associated with the context of security where a person is manipulated to perform a certain action or divulge confidential information. It could also be something as simple as breach of trust, confidence trick or a simple fraud. There are many forms of social engineering and are generally … Continue reading Social engineering is the art of psychological manipulation

Content Strategy for Businesses

Content is KING! Well that is what we all have been hearing about since the past few years. With so many new business ideas, innovations and startup ventures emerging in the World Wide Web, it is now time that we start recognizing this constantly evolving and growing phenomenon i.e. content creation or rather content strategy. Content in simple terms means gathering, researching, editing and creating … Continue reading Content Strategy for Businesses