Top 5 Lessons On Productivity


Productivity is a valuable asset that increases by doing the right things at the right time. The following are the few things you can control to boost your productivity at the Workplace, College, or School.

Location, Location, Location

Find a spot where your productivity reaches it’s maximum, which you can associate with your job and leave when you’re done with your job. Do not sit where you can get lazy, which means get off the couch and out of your bed.

“It helps a lot if you have a dedicated space for working from home,” says a blog writer Cathy Anderson who writes her own blog, WriteLife, and is a creative writing student at the Uni. “I started writing regularly by sitting at a desk in my room last fall, and it was hard work to stay on the task and not get distracted.” Cathy has learned from her experience and now has a separate room for writing where she closes the door and shuts out distractions.

Find a Buddy.

In the days of COVID-19 and Pandemic, it’s hard to find a buddy to work with, and studies show that it is easier to be productive when you are working with a friend.

Lack of social interaction can alleviate the feeling of isolation and loneliness. It affects our productivity and mental well-being and bonding. Social commerce creates cooperation and closeness.

Find a colleague to chat with while you are social distancing at home who would help you stay on track. A zoom call can help you chat with your friend.

Have a Plan.

When working from home, you must have a structured daily schedule. There is a lot of influence of others on our day and time. Time spent working from home is better if it’s structured.

For Cathy, her schedule includes numerous breaks throughout the day, either to play with her dog, go out for jogging around the neighborhood and cook something in the kitchen.

Set boundaries while you work.

It may not apply to everyone, but it applies to you if you live with your family, you should clarify that you should not be disturbed while you’re at work. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re free. It can be hard to set boundaries, and it is essential to get the work done, which would allow you to spend time with your loved ones.

Think About How You’re Communicating.

Cathy says it’s essential to find alternatives to email and use other digital tools like Zoom, Skype that can better replicate the office experience and provide for clear communication. Productivity depends on how well your team communicates, or how much they’re willing to push the envelope for communication using other tools besides face-to-face conversations.

Screen sharing helps to get people on the same page, and it helps to share ideas around. It’s essential to give employees as much information as possible to ease the pandemic’s burden.

Pizza parties are a great way to increase team bonding.

“Olivia would order the exact same pizza to be delivered at the same time so the team would have that bonding experience and still feel like a team,” says Olivia runs an online e-commerce site. “The futuristic way to work is here, and we cannot just keep doing stuff in the old traditional ways, we must create new processes to make workplaces fun and inclusive.”

These were the top five tips to become productive in the workplace while working from home, yourself and your team. Implement some of these to get better results.

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Sanket Alurkar is a MA Creative Writing Student at Kingston University. He is passionate about storytelling, writing, reading books. He loves to go out for cycling, adventure sports, and loves to cook.

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