Top 5 electric cars of the future

Top 5 electric cars of the future

Best Electric cars of the future listed for you.

Electric vehicles are the future, and  we have a huge rush of them coming beginning one year from now. Everything including existing maker EVs alongside some new names, as an example, Byton, Lordstown, and Rivian are produced. We’ve aggregated a rundown of the best electric vehicles, from idea to beginning creation, that may not be accessible yet are soon going to be.

1.Aspark Owl (Expected : 2020)

The Aspark Owl hypercar is the first of what the Japanese EV maker promises to be a lineup of high-dollar hypercars. The Owl produces 1984 horsepower from four electric motors, what it claims may be a unique torque-vectoring system and a 64.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with which Aspark promises 280 miles of driving range. The Owl’s alleged top speed is 249 mph, and it will cost $3.2 million. Production is limited to 50 units worldwide, and deliveries will begin in mid-2020. —Connor Hoffman

2.Audi e-tron GT (Expected: 2020)

You can recognize the e-tron GT from Avengers: Endgame, where it made an appearance in concept-car form. Audi says that the assembly version of this sports sedan will look kind of like the attractive concept you see here. Mechanically, it’ll share its underpinnings and powertrain with the Porsche Taycan, meaning it could offer upward of 600 horsepower in its top form. It’ll also support 150-kW fast-charging capability when it arrives sometime in 2020. —Joey Capparella

3.Audi e-tron Sportback (Expected: 2020 for Europe, U.S. Later)

Audi is following the structure factor of “coupe-SUVs” like the BMW X6 by creating a swooper version of its e-tron electric SUV. The sole real difference between the Sportback and also the standard e-tron is that the more sharply sloped roofline within the rear. The electrical motors and 95.0-kWh battery pack are identical, meaning the Sportback should provide an almost identical 204 estimated driving range on the EPA’s test cycle. – Joey Capparella

4.Audi Q4 e-tron (Expected: 2021)

As you may expect from its name, the Q4 e-tron will sort between Audi’s Q3 and Q5 crossovers in size. But it’ll vary from both in this it’ll come only in an all-electric e-tron configuration. Like many of the Volkswagen Group’s upcoming EV models, it’ll ride on the company’s MEB platform. The Q4 e-tron concept here offers an in-depth look at what the assembly car will appear as and when it goes on sale in 2021. —Joey Capparella

5.Bollinger B1 (Expected: 2021)

From a Michigan-based startup comes a pair of utilitarian-looking high-end vehicles, including this B1 SUV, each priced at $125,000 and expected to start outreaching customers in 2021. They’re targeted at those that are prepared to feature plenty of options at extra cost to what’s already a high-end SUV or truck. Both SUV and truck are claimed to supply 614 horsepower, 668 lb-ft of torque, and a 4.5-second zero-to-6o-mph time. The Bollinger B1’s 120.0-kWh battery pack is alleged to supply up to 200 miles of range. Others include a 5000-pound payload capacity and 15 inches of ground clearance. —Laura Sky Brown

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