How to access the dark web?

What is the dark web?

The world wide web, as we know, can be classified into the surface web, deep web, and dark web.

Surface Web 

We are highly acquainted with this amongst the classifications. It is the daily dose of web surfing in our respective browsers that is widely popular worldwide. These include sites similar to Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc. These can be easily accessed in browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, etc. One needs a stable internet connection and a device where search engines can work.

Deep Web 

The deep web or invisible web, as the name suggests, digs deeper than the surface and consists of a gigantic part of the web. This consists of numerous data the surface websites use in the text, image, and video formats majorly. These are sensitive and confidential data concealed by passwords and passkey, which are not indexed in any search engines. Index means a search engine can wiggle through a website and permit it to be availed for the public.

Dark Web 

The dark web is a subdivision of the deep web with numerous layers of protection and is the host of numerous illegal cyber activities(57%). These are a network of websites with impregnable encryption and hidden IP addresses, hence, giving the user an anonymous experience. Things are not only about dark stuff here, but one has to swim this shore with the utmost caution, and only if the user is decently knowledgeable in hacking should they strive ahead.

Accessories for accessing the dark web

There are primarily two substantial things you need to get you to commence on accessing the dark web.


The substantial necessity is a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. VPN is required for accessing some sites on the surface web, but its dedicated assistance is towards accessing the substantial deep web sites and beyond. VPN sets up an encrypted intermediary overall so that none can be tracked for their online activities.

So preeminent things first purchase a VPN. You may try a free version, but it’s not worth the risk. 

A VPN is indeed the best option because it does not require cache logs, has no Domain Name System(DNS) leaks, is fast, and is compatible with Tor(which we will know about next). Apart from this, it accepts bitcoins for purchase. 

Tor browser

The secondary thing you need is a Tor browser, it stands for “The Onion Browser,” which is available for free and is not a part of the dark web, but it provides absolute privacy in accessing them. The dark web websites can be accessed in the Tor browser, with the web address followed by a .onion TLD (Top Level Domain).

An established connection through the Tor browser goes through a series of relay networks. This is similar to a layer of the onion. Primarily the browser gets connected to a network; it is decrypted and eventually connected to another network. Hence, it is impossible to trace a user’s actions on the Tor configuration, as every new window of the tor browser has a brand new IP address attached to it. This ensures the utmost security.

Even though the relays are an indispensable component of the Tor browser, it steers to a slow connection. Because it is not similar to a decentralized system, all the relays do not have the same CPU power, some may be quick and lethal, but others might work at a snail’s pace.

Generate access to the dark web

  • Download the Tor browser that is free, but download this from the official page.
  • Once you have downloaded the application, the installation process is similar to any different software. Subsequently, a pop-up brushes up, asserting ‘Run Tor Browser Bundle.’ Do not open through this, uncheck the box and close it. 
  • Revisit the folder on your overall system with the title ‘ Tor Browser.’ Double-click, and open it to see numerous options. Click the item saying ‘Select Tor Browser.’
  • A substantial dialog box appears directly asking you to connect to the Tor network. Click the ‘Connect’ button.
  • Once you are connected to the Tor network, your browser is configured to use Tor, and you will primarily need the web addresses of the dark web websites.

Precautions to take for added anonymity

Although the Tor browser is encrypted and the effectiveness of a VPN will keep your website hidden. You must stress yourself that there are professionals inside the dark web that can hack your system in no time, and because of the numerous layers of encryption, you will not be able to do anything. So if you want to remain anonymous, you can take these following security measures:

  • Do not use your real name, private photos, or usernames that you have employed previously.
  • Use an anonymous encrypted email account and an anonymous bitcoin wallet for purchase.
  • Do not use a substantial email address or password that has already been used before.
  • Disable JavaScript as this can be manipulated for disclosing your IP address.
  • Use URLs that commence with HTTPS, which restricts your data from being exposed to a third party.
  • Disconnect yourself from the overall internet connection before opening documents or any media downloaded through the Tor browser. Opening them while online, can lead hackers to identify your non-Tor IP address.


Even though the preceding article has clearly illustrated ways of accessing the dark web, it is reminded to users that the dark web is probably a nasty place to be. If you are willing to traverse your curious minds, you should try this with the utmost circumspection, and never purchase anything from the dark web.

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