The Evolution of Training Videos

Traditionally used for training purposes and produced only by the wealthiest corporations, training videos have evolved into a tool used by a vast spectrum of industries – increasingly delivered online.

A restaurant-chain used video to conduct training for employees including line cooks, wait staff and dishwashers. The video producer considered the demographics of the audience and used an MTV theme, with a clever, game-show script designed to engage employees and help them retain the information. A ‘Pie Game’ was played to teach employees the many different pie flavors available; and the video producer made the transition from subject to subject with the appearance that someone in the background was changing channels on a television. The video was created as entertainment, not training, which captured the attention of the employees more effectively than a text-book lesson or classroom setting. The biggest challenge creating the video was working around the restaurants’ long hours, but producers solved the problem by shooting in a test kitchen or during the middle of the night.

With a well written script, trained actors and appropriate sound or music, videos can convey emotion and urgency. They can elicit response far superior to a memo or ‘talking head.’ Professional videos use elements such as graphics, voice-over, and camera zooms to make the presentation more lively and engaging.

A company with multiple locations or a large, traveling sales force could use video to reach every employee. A large bank’s corporate headquarters, for example, can send a video to a bank manager to share with the staff at their branch; or headquarters can post it online where an employee can log in to hear it or it can enhance online training.

In such a visual society that relies heavily on the Internet and television for information, a professional video is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression. Rather than talking about how to use the new machine at the plant, video takes employees inside the plant to show the machine and how it works.

Video has many different faces and every day a new company adopts the technology to share, educate and inform employees. Small, medium and large businesses are taking advantage of video and discovering new and different ways it can benefit employees at their organization.

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