21 Century, World of cheap and fast technology, Job seekers go on YouTube.

A video resume is a short video created that describes the individual’s skills and qualifications and is typically used to supplement a traditional resume.

In technology fields, the purpose of a resume is to get a phone screen, the purpose of a phone screen is to get an interview, and the purpose of an interview is to get a job offer. The vast majority of resumes (>95%) do not merit a phone screen, and are simply binned, usually with little more than a 20 second skim. While everyone knows what’s to be expected in a print resume, online videos can vary from the over-the-top video to a very basic recording of a mock job interview. So people found another way to make employer actually have a look on their resumes

On YouTube, there are already 236000 entries listed under video resume. Not all them are serious (“Kelly’s Video Resume For TheBigTrip.com! “). But most of them are interesting, colorful and effective.

There are unique advantages to video. The video provides something that would be impossible to convey in print, over the phone, or even in person. It gave not just a work experience and education history, but a visual picture of the person at work, his/her attitude and ability to communicate.

Moreover, according to career publisher Vault Inc.’s annual employer survey:

“89% of employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Although most employers have not yet used this new technology as an evaluative tool – only 17% have actually viewed a video resume – the vast majority are receptive to it.

“The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor (52%).”

Usually three minutes long, video resumes allowing job seekers to highlight certain skills, such as leadership, presentation, and creative abilities. Video resume can provide an advantage over a paper resume especially in moving forward a stalled phone interview. Actual time that hiring manager spending on a resume is 10 seconds, a video resume is something different, and therefore could hook a hirer’s attention.

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