How can you optimize your SEO strategy for your business?

SEO (Search engine optimization) strategy depends on your business objectives.  Ask yourself what do you need increase sales leads, sell online or anything else? If you know what you exactly want to provide to your business then optimization of SEO strategy will be an easy task for you. Search engine optimization is like a puzzle with many pieces like content writing, designing, tracking etc. The … Continue reading How can you optimize your SEO strategy for your business?

SEO Bliss!

We all here a lot about “SEO” and the popular term “Search Engine Optimization”, but as business owners, do we really know what it means and what’s its significance to our business? It is important to understand that SEO is more of a practice pertaining to the World Wide Web i.e. anything that is online. The general way of “searching” anything online is by going … Continue reading SEO Bliss!

ORM = SEO (You’re Being Googled)

Online reputation management (ORM) is all about analyzing, monitoring, and mitigating the content on SERPs i.e. search engine result pages. From a brand or business point of view, it primarily involves keeping an eye on what is written about a client or a customer on the Internet, then utilizing refined online and offline techniques in promoting positive content thereby enhancing the online reputation. ORM is directly … Continue reading ORM = SEO (You’re Being Googled)