The importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is a fundamental part of every great brand, business or institution. Every great brand or business has a story and that story connects to the emotions, the characters, the values of the people that live that product or business every day. Storytelling is always been a part of leadership. It is just now we’re overtly talking about it as a tool that leaders can … Continue reading The importance of Storytelling

NAVY SEAL tips for entrepreneurs

NAVY SEALs or soldiers that have been in combat are a great source of inspiration for the modern day entrepreneur. They bring with them fundamental qualities and attributes that can make a successful business owner. Things like discipline, tenacity, resilience and elite performance are just a few things that one could learn from them. Here are the top five NAVY SEAL tips: Plan your mission and … Continue reading NAVY SEAL tips for entrepreneurs

The GROW model

In order to run a profitable business one has to be good with managing people and the key to managing people is effective coaching and mentoring. As an entrepreneur, you might come across numerous instances in your daily lives where you find yourself directly or indirectly coaching people. Coaching involves making sure your people set realistic objectives and achieve those objectives in desired manner. By … Continue reading The GROW model

How to be a good BOSS

There is a difference between being a good manager and being a good boss, not to mention they both need strong leadership qualities. According to a recent research, 86 percent of employees believe that if they get along well with their boss they are more productive. Pressure and deadlines don’t always work towards bringing out productivity; it’s more about how a boss manages and spearheads … Continue reading How to be a good BOSS

Lesson on Business ethics from Aristotle

One would always think that what would a person who is dead for over 2000 years know about modern business and ethics. Well, Aristotle is considered to be the most knowledgeable and practical philosophers of all time. He always questioned the use of ethics in leadership and day-to-day life. Though his teachings would give us a broader understanding of the overall concept of ethics and … Continue reading Lesson on Business ethics from Aristotle

A New Set of Beliefs for CEOs

In the past 25 years, CEOs of many major corporations have relied on a flawed set of beliefs to lead their organizations. This set has influenced them to place way too much emphasis on maximizing shareholder value and not enough on generating value for society. Today we are mired in the Great Recession, which was brought about by the near collapse of the financial system. … Continue reading A New Set of Beliefs for CEOs