Why SEO can be the Best Investment

When it comes to getting started in the digital world, SEO comes first. Regardless of the level of advancement, of course every digital fighter should know the basics. You need to know and learn what SEO is and how to do SEO. So in this article, I will explain to you, what is SEO or what is the function of search engine optimization and how to do SEO. And SEO is a huge issue. And it has a continuous and long process of action. This is not just for blogging, YouTube needs to be ranked in any sector including channel optimization, various marketplaces.

What does SEO mean?

Simply put, whatever we type into Google, we get results. Suppose I search with the word “world”, then I see that Google is showing millions of results. Suppose again I wanted to know something which means “What is health” then some results come in front of us. Simply put, these results are displayed by Google on the website where the article is written with the sentence like our question! Why is this happening now? This is for SEO. Usually, we see 10 results on the first page according to the setting. Because the first 10 pages of this website and its articles are better than other sites and not only that, those 10 sites have met all the requirements of Google and the article is well optimized. All of these processes are collectively called SEO.

You created a site that was very informative and hoped to get thousands of visitors but did not get it. Because there is still an important task that will bring thousands of visitors to your site which is search engine optimization or SEO. This search engine optimization or SEO is mainly of 2 types – 1. On page (which is done inside the site such as title tags, content, keywords etc. to be relevant) and 2. Off page (which is done outside the site such as blog, forum posting).

How to do SEO?

This is a big deal, but in short, it is better to choose a good Niche, find what people are searching for by typing in Google, and marketing articles to reach more people, and backlinks from other sites. There are many more things besides taking a backlink to another site, including all the good things in your own site. We will be able to know everything slowly and easily.

What is on-page SEO and How to do on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a section where we apply SEO to our blog or do it on the website. I mean, there are some things that we can do with SEO on our blog or website. As such, there is no simple and SEO-friendly design or theme to choose when creating a blog. Writing good articles and using articles correctly to make the article friendly by using the “keyword” in the content. In addition, the keywords of the article written in the blog are used in the title, description, and special parts of the article. There are some SEO techniques or processes that we can use in our blog or articles written in our blogs to get free traffic or visitors from Google search or yahoo search or to optimize the blog articles to get traffic from search engines. Those SEO techniques are called ON page SEO.

What is off-page SEO and how to do it?

Off-page SEO is a type of SEO that we cannot do on a blog or website. For example, in on-page SEO we set everything inside the blog while writing the article. Simply put, everything we do will be outside of blogs or websites. This process of off-page SEO involves creating backlinks, making the blog’s URL address popular with other blogs or websites, social media sharing, domain authority, link building.

What is Niche?

The first task for a website is to select the Niche. Now, I don’t understand what Niche means, I hear it everywhere but no one explains it to us? Just say Niche… Niche. For those who are new, most of the good websites in the world publish thousands of articles on a subject. In other words, suppose one issue is “human health”. “Health” is a very big category. Doctors have read thousands of pages of books over the years, with only teeth in human health. Now that you have eliminated human health, if you just build a website with teeth, it will take a few years. Google always likes to show the site that has complete information on the first page. Now if you want to give everything to your blog, the number of your target visitors may be much higher, but the quality of the site will be bad and if you want to do well, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort and the help of many experts will increase your competition. You have to compete with many. But if you only write about one topic on your website, suppose it is “heart”. In that case, you have to compete with relatively few websites. So it will be much easier for you to come to the first page of Google. Remember that people don’t usually want to go to the 2nd page of Google. Now you have moved from a much larger department of health to a much smaller one. This “section” is Niche. Hope you got some idea about SEO and Niche. Later, when you go to work or while working, you will be able to understand all other things as easily as water.

So far we all know that SEO is a medium which helps the desired website to come on the first page in all search engines including Google and Bing. This is a medium or technique that we call SEO. Basically, all search engines have their own guidelines or a specific idea of ​​what to do to get the website to the first page or position of Google. SEO is an essential issue for any website. So maybe you now have a better understanding of what search engine optimization (SEO) means, what SEO does and how to do SEO. There is no substitute for SEO to increase website traffic.

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