The Unspoken Rules of Disruptive Leadership

What are your leadership traits? Are you a bold leader who does not fear to speak his mind or are you someone who is known to make his own rules? Do you find peace within your present work status?

After few years of working in the same job, it is convenient to slip into a comfort zone and observe the things as they are without questioning or trying to break the barriers. However, a leader who is comfortable in a situation is an average leader, he/she will have a tough time to adapt to change or learn new skills.

A leader has to focus on positive changes, grow his mindset and look at the big picture while keeping the end-goals in mind. So how can you become a disruptive leader? Will the disruption concept work for your business growth?

Disruptive Leadership

Who is a disruptive leader? What are his qualities? A disruptive leader is someone who is curious and always looks for the best solutions and ways to enhance business processes. Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, is a well-known disruptive leader and his creative vision and leadership style are responsible for the overwhelming success of Apple. He is well-known for his honest criticism, which he defends with the results shown by his team.

Here are 4 unspoken rules of disruptive leadership: 

• Stay Curious

When it is regarding a business situation, your curiosity and willingness to grab an opportunity will change an impossible situation to possible. Asking “Why” removes a majority of roadblocks and potentially helps you get clarity on the situation. It will also make it easy for you to find a solution on how to tackle the situation for the company’s benefit.

• Be Counted

As a leader, you have a chance to use your voice and get noticed. So put forward your point during a meeting, highlight your strengths and ask for help whenever required. Don’t be uncertain about your business decisions. Don’t think why did I just do that or what were my thoughts during that time? Think outside the box and be confident about your decision.

• Be the Leading Edge

Be a leader who always wants his business to lead its way, not stay behind the competitors. Taking a business approach that is all about your personal profit and not for the benefit of the team is not the strengths of a great leader. Therefore, create new conversation opportunities rather than sending out sharp barked emails.

• Build Your Intelligence

For any entrepreneur, intelligence and skills are considered valuable currency. Therefore, to be a disruptive leader, learn something from someone which you previously did not know about, embrace each other skills and strengths to change current thinking and to have an influence on each other.

Is Disruptive Leadership Here To Stay?

The disruptive leadership idea is not new as its roots stretch back in time. Zen masters have been using these tactics to help their students achieve the best. However, some trends occur in every culture or business with leadership style going in and out of trend. Start-ups nowadays are focused on taking challenges head on and learning different ways to do things quicker, cheaper and better. Therefore, disruptive leadership cannot be bracketed as a passing trend, as it is here to stay.

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