Top 5 sales films

Movies have always been an inspiration to business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. It gives them ideas, new insights and sheer motivation to go out there and make that move. Sales, as a concept has always been a topic of debate in any business environment. No matter how big or small a company might be, sales are something that no one can get away with.

Unfortunately, one can never learn how to sell just by going to a high class B-school or by reading a few books on how to sell. Moreover, “sales” is not an art or a defined science that one could learn; it is more of an attitude. You just need to go out there and find new ways to get the attention of customers and offer them your product or service. The more differently you do it, the more experienced you get in selling – yourself, your idea, you product or your service.

Here are a set of 5 most popular films based around the concept of sales:

The wolf of Wall Street (2013):

Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film is about the famous New York stock broker Jordan Belfort. The film shows Belford’s rises to success, from being a penny stock broker to becoming the most affluent business owners of the 80’s. It depicts Belford’s rather colorful life – filled with drugs, women, greed and his passion for selling. The film talks about a lot of concept on how to never stop selling in life, motivating your team, focusing on training and embracing adversity.

Gelengarry Glen Ross (1992):

Directed by James Foley, the film is and adaption of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name written by David Mamet. The film shows two days in the life of 4 desperate real estate salesmen. The film like the play is notoriously famous for its foul language and use of profanity. The film is famous for its famous dialogue, “ABC i.e. Always Be Closing”, meaning that no matter what you do, a salesman job is to always be “CLOSING” sales.

Boiler Room (2000):

Written and directed by Ben Younger, the film is based on interviews the writer conducted with numerous brokers over a two-year period. The film is a true depiction of the so called concept of “boiler room operations” which refers to the use of high pressure sales tactics to sell stocks to clients who are called randomly, most likely after being picked out of a phone directory. If you are looking for adrenaline pumping sales action, then this one is a must watch.

Thank you for Smoking (2005):

A comedy-drama film written and directed by Jason Reitman, the film is about a lobbyist named Nick Naylor, for the tobacco industry whose job is to promote cigarette smoking in a time when the health problems related to cigarettes are obvious to most people. This film clearly shows how business, media, and government interact to influence the choices consumers make. The film depicts how day-to-day consumers are blind towards unethical sales tactics that many corporations undertake to sell their product.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Harder (2009):

Directed by Neal Brennan, the film is a comedy based around how Ben Selleck’s car dealership, in Temecula, California, is failing and he is forced to hire a mercenary, Don Ready. Don is more like an “outside” person who along with his team, sells cars for Ben, by any and every means possible. The film depicts, that a salesman should have the courage to go to any extent to sell!

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