Grow your Small Business with 3D

Whether you’re a small business or multi-national company interested in expanding your promotional options, or a designer who wants to offer the most possible to your clients, 3D animation and 3D design are extremely important. If 3D animation, used correctly, could take an existing campaign from boring to fantastic, and attract many customers.

Attracting customers to your business or even retaining existing ones can be extremely difficult in the present highly competitive landscape. One important element in succeeding is making certain that every business has the best, most eye catching designs, communicative graphics, and an attractive but navigable web presence. 3D animation and 3D modeling are a surprisingly important part of all of these. 3D animation could be the key to bringing in customers.

For many companies, showcasing products to prospective customers is no longer best done with a conventional two dimensional view. 3D animation can give viewers a good glance of what a product really looks like and does, and do it a lot better than a flat, immobile drawing. Being able to draw customers in by helping them understand how a product works is an extremely helpful feature.

Since 3D animation and 3D modeling skills are so in demand, it’s worth it for designers and artists to develop them. This helps them offer services that will help their clients transform ordinary promotional materials and webpages into content that’s engaging and interesting. Customers are more and more likely to ask for experience in 3D, since more people are learning what it can do to help promote a product or service.

Possible avenues include 3D flash logos, 3D interfaces, engineering models, online catalogs, and even wallpaper and other elements in 3D. Technology used includes 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Maya, and many others, depending on the job in question. Some programs offer more precision than others, while some are better for 3D animation. Even three dimensional text can help make a webpage or promotional item “pop” more.

Designs using 3D animation or modeling work in nearly every industry, from architecture (3D scale models of buildings work well in presentations) to toy companies interested in a 3D catalog to garment manufacturers who want to show a piece of clothing from all sides. The increase in online shopping means that more customers are willing to buy remotely. However, they want to be able to preview the item as best they can. Replacing flat photographs with 3D modeling is an excellent first step and can significantly increase sales and revenue.

3D modeling and 3D animation also help with the process from concept to final design. This type of modeling allows solid virtual models of products to be created – it is the missing link between drawing and final product. Technical manuals with 3D graphics become easier to understand, and animated technical illustrations can show the actual workings of a machine or product.

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