All About Project Consultancy

Sharing one’s experience for mutual growth is a step towards professional excellence. As a project management consultant you need to have experience which is complete in depth, magnitude and quality. The projects done will provided opportunities to perfect the managerial and technical expertise. The key strength is the systematic and sequential approach that has to be adopted for detailed process design in order to ensure … Continue reading All About Project Consultancy

Project Management Tools

Project management is the core functionality of any business or enterprise. In modern organizations, it is considered to be the highest responsibility task. Project management is used in any and all forms of projects, ranging from software development to developing hybrid robotic technologies. All project managers and teams use certain highly efficient tools to manage projects. These tools can be specifically designed tools or customized … Continue reading Project Management Tools

Managing the GAP

There have been times when business owners have faced the challenge of improving and optimizing an ongoing process or a business activity. In typical business environments, entrepreneurs generally come across situations where they have to analyze their current situation or business and compare it to the desired or future state. In simple terms, gap analysis is the comparison of such actual business states with potential … Continue reading Managing the GAP

The importance of a PMO (Project Management Office)

If your organization is into offering project management services then sooner or later you would need to setup a PMO (project management office) within your business. A PMO is a department, division or a group within an organization that defines, executes and maintains the standard process and procedures that are related to project management. Project Management is getting popular among many small businesses. In simple … Continue reading The importance of a PMO (Project Management Office)