Humans as a species are complex when it comes to relationships. The fundamental drive for companionship has remained unshakable for ages. History has a kaleidoscopic journey from love affairs, strategic alliances, secular matchmaking to finally the modern-day ‘dating.’ Just about three decades ago, dating entailed meeting a potential suitor through friends or family, a considerable period of courtship, and finally marriage. However, the game of … Continue reading HOW THE LOCKDOWN CHANGED THE DATING GAME

Things To Do During A Lockdown

The whole world is managing the novel coronavirus flare-up. Covid-19 has taken more than 8,000 lives all around. Administrations of nations like Spain and Italy have requested lockdowns. India has enrolled more than 4,000 novel coronavirus-positive cases. Individuals all over nations over the world are rehearsing self-isolate strategies and social distancing so as to keep away from the further spread of the new ailment.  Notwithstanding, … Continue reading Things To Do During A Lockdown