Four things An Entrepreneur Won’t Tell You

Becoming an entrepreneur is more challenging than people think it is. The masses believe that all there is to being one is having your capital, but that’s far from the truth. Entrepreneurship is no easy task, and if you want to succeed at running your business, you have to do away with popular myths and misconceptions. These myths and misconceptions have been regarded as the … Continue reading Four things An Entrepreneur Won’t Tell You

NAVY SEAL tips for entrepreneurs

NAVY SEALs or soldiers that have been in combat are a great source of inspiration for the modern day entrepreneur. They bring with them fundamental qualities and attributes that can make a successful business owner. Things like discipline, tenacity, resilience and elite performance are just a few things that one could learn from them. Here are the top five NAVY SEAL tips: Plan your mission and … Continue reading NAVY SEAL tips for entrepreneurs

The Bilingual Entrepreneur

Digital connectivity has changed the way we do business. As we become more interconnected and technology savvy, we are seeing the world become smaller as countries are becoming more dependent on each other. Global travel has become fast and easy, which makes it more important for entrepreneurs to become aware and adaptive to different cultures. Global trade has also changed, it has become easier to … Continue reading The Bilingual Entrepreneur

What is your competitive advantage?

If you think you are the only one selling a certain kind of product or offering a niche services, then think again! If you look around you would see that there are many entrepreneurs and business owners that are constantly trying to do things differently, or trying to solve a problem in the most innovative ways. So how does one get an edge over their … Continue reading What is your competitive advantage?

Find a Mentor

You might have the greatest start-up idea or have strong financial backing to kick-start your business, and to add to that, you might also have the knowledge and industry experience to get started on your entrepreneur journey, but ask yourself this: wouldn’t you rather ALSO have someone like a guide who could help you, or support you through the whole process of becoming a successful … Continue reading Find a Mentor

The GROW model

In order to run a profitable business one has to be good with managing people and the key to managing people is effective coaching and mentoring. As an entrepreneur, you might come across numerous instances in your daily lives where you find yourself directly or indirectly coaching people. Coaching involves making sure your people set realistic objectives and achieve those objectives in desired manner. By … Continue reading The GROW model

Business behind bars

When you think of inmates or prisoners, we think about people who have made bad choices in life, people who are an outcast, or more so, individuals that are considered a misfit in a civilized society. Well, wait till you here the story of Frederick Hutson: the 29 year old prison inmate who currently owns a technology company called Pigeonly, a platform that identifies and … Continue reading Business behind bars

Top 5 effective virtual tools to keep you lean and productive

As a budding entrepreneur your focus should be to start slow and keep costs low. The last thing you need to worry about is excessive infrastructure or expensive overhead. Your focus should be on bigger issues like generating business and making enough money to keep you afloat in the competitive marketplace. There would be times when you would desire that plush office space with a … Continue reading Top 5 effective virtual tools to keep you lean and productive

Raising money for a small business

Every entrepreneur has unique ideas and is constantly finding different ways to make people believe in those ideas. Every unique business idea comes with BIG risks: risks associated with finance, manpower, technical know-how, industry experience and government regulations. Small Business setup involves careful planning and financing a small business is by far the most challenging obstacles an entrepreneur has to overcome when starting a new venture. … Continue reading Raising money for a small business

How important is “age” in Entrepreneurship?

Often the image of a modern day entrepreneur is someone who is a college dropout with a high inclination towards technology, social media and smartphones – typically a male in his 20s! However, recent study shows that over half of the upcoming entrepreneurs from last year were all 40 and older. According to the study conducted by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit, entrepreneurs who … Continue reading How important is “age” in Entrepreneurship?