Top 5 Epidemic Films to Watch

Who could have imagined a couple of months back that the world would soon be reeling under the most bizarre epidemic that was heard of and seen only in the Little did we know that 2020 would entirely change the way we consume, learn, communicate and get entertained. With the advent of these unprecedented times, we have rekindled our passion for watching epidemic movies. Come … Continue reading Top 5 Epidemic Films to Watch

Lessons learnt from the movie Contagion

Did the makers of the movie Contagion has a premonition about a looming pandemic? Even though the movie hit the theaters almost 9 years back, the similarity between the movie’s storyline and current pandemic COVID-19 is startling. Sadly, our lives have more in common with this movie today than any other factual interludes of recent past. Isn’t it ironic that Contagion received a lot of flak when it was released? A frightening, unsettling, … Continue reading Lessons learnt from the movie Contagion