5S Methodology – Going the Lean Way

With the rapidly changing economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are regularly adjusting their preset resources to merge them with their business strategy. Therefore, to remain ahead of the curve, ventures must reduce waste, use the manpower efficiently and become more competent to increase ROI. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is by using the 5S methodology, where the 5S stands for: Sort … Continue reading 5S Methodology – Going the Lean Way

The importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is a fundamental part of every great brand, business or institution. Every great brand or business has a story and that story connects to the emotions, the characters, the values of the people that live that product or business every day. Storytelling is always been a part of leadership. It is just now we’re overtly talking about it as a tool that leaders can … Continue reading The importance of Storytelling

Celebrating Creativity in Communication

The world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communication happens every year at The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity held in Cannes, France. It is the most popular and prestigious festival and has become a prominent global meeting place for advertisers, brand marketers, advertising and communication professionals. Over 9,000 delegates from 90 different countries attend seven days of workshops, exhibitions, screenings, master classes and high-profile seminars … Continue reading Celebrating Creativity in Communication